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Pre Guest Welcome

xoxo , Madaline

I'm so excited to meet YOU! 

Together we will have an in-depth consultation of your hair goals as well as at-home maintenance. Please have pictures of your inspirational look sent to me a few days before your appointment, my goal is to deliver you the best results possible and a pre consultation helps deliver this. 


If you are a color guest I would ask you text me your current hair pictures in natural light as well as texting me your hair history over last three years. 

This way we can assure you’re booked under the correct service and that we have the appropriate timing booked out for you and I. 


When you arrive please check in at front with the Receptionist. 



We offer variety of drinks and snacks during your visit with us. 


And would love to have this ready for you if you’d like to text me what beverage you prefer , I can arrange for receptionist to bring this to you upon arrival 


Drink : 


Sparking flavored water 




Honey and oat granola bars 

Chex mix 

Skinny pop 



If you have any further questions feel free to ask away, I love to help! 

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